nothing goes here
18:26"I’m not ready for the days to grow colder
if my hands aren’t growing warmer in yours
and god I am not ready to stay here without you
and I don’t want to watch the trees turn the
same colour as your eyes
if I cant kiss you beneath them
and I am not ready for winter to come
if I can’t cuddle with you
on the first snowfall
All I know is I feel sick to my stomach because
the world spins so fast but
from now till spring is an eternity
and the spaces in between will be torture
without your hands in mine" — It’s called fall for a reason// C.C (via latttte)

(via latttte)


School Days
To be young and confused and stuck in education.
Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson
Teenage Dirtbag- Wheatus
High School Never Ends- Bowling for Soup
Teen Idle (Acoustic)- Marina & the Diamonds
Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
Closer to Fine- The Indigo Girls
There is a Light- The Smiths
We’re Going to be Friends- The White Stripes
Teenagers- My Chemical Romance
Flaws- Bastille
Young Blood- The Naked and Famous
We Are Young- FUN
Sophomore Slump- Fall Out Boy
Youth- Daughter
I’m Not Ok- My Chemical Romance
Cups- Anna Kendrick

dolce & gabbana 2014 spring 

i want to do this with my friends. just be out at night with no real destination, exploring the city and just having fun. like we would lose track of time, it’d be so epic.